Presentation of the ARIES4 Project to the Members of the NAVE2 Alliance

On the 15th of November, 2023, Professor Martin Larraza, coordinator of the ARIES4 project, presented this project to the members of the NAVE2 alliance, which includes the Directorate-General for Vocational Training of the Government of Navarre, also a partner in the ARIES4 project. In addition to this directorate, representatives from Roc Midden Nederland in Utrecht (Netherlands), Saimaa Vocational College Sampo in Lappeenranta (Finland), Consorzio Degli Istituti Professionali (Italy), and AG Stedelijk Onderwijs Antwerpen (Belgium) visited Navarre and attended Professor Larraza's talk, all members of the NAVE2 alliance.

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The NAVE alliance was established 5 years ago among five major European institutions providing vocational training in Europe, with the goal of working on joint projects and improving their study offerings. During the meeting held in Navarre, they discussed their views on international strategies in matters of inclusion, citizenship, mobility, digitalization, and sustainability, and finalized plans to work together on these important topics.

During the presentation, the importance of sustainability was discussed, and emphasis was placed on the CRE8 events, which are a central part of one of the work packages of the ARIES4 project. In these one-day events, groups of five members composed of university and vocational training students work on solving a real challenge related to sustainability posed by a company. With the CRE8 methodology developed by Karlstad University, a partner in the ARIES4 project, the aim is to enhance the creativity of the participating students, while involving them in the analysis and resolution of real business challenges. This initiative also seeks to convey to the students the importance and challenges of sustainability faced by companies and the strategies for intelligent specialization of regions.

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