Driving Change Together: ARIES4 Case Symposium Sparks Sustainable Solutions for SMEs

In September, partners from the University of Southern Denmark organized an online Case Symposium aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange within the ARIES4 research project. The symposium provided a crucial platform for regional partners to delve into the complexities of sustainability within small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

During the event, representatives from Navarra (Spain), Värmland (Sweden), Gabrovo (Bulgaria), and Southern Denmark (Denmark) engaged in lively discussions centered around the case studies conducted as part of the project. These case studies served as focal points for exploring sustainable practices and strategies employed by SMEs in their respective areas.

Structured with bilateral reviews followed by plenary discussions, the symposium enabled participants to share insights and perspectives drawn from their regional contexts, fostering alignment and synergy across the regions. These inputs also laid the groundwork for the project's self-assessment tool, which allows SMEs to evaluate their sustainability competences.

By leveraging collective wisdom and experiences from different regions across Europe, the Symposium marked a significant milestone in the ARIES4 project's journey towards promoting sustainable practices in SMEs

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